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I literally have dozens of these of my computer. Just a small set of examples of the various black on white crimes. It really breaks my heart to see innocent children be the victim of these attacks. Especially that last one and first one.

How can anyone with a logical mindset deny that these are violent savages who are still uncivilized, despite our kindness and best efforts.

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    Mormon dumbass right here ^^^
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    The link you provided is a theory and there seems to only be a few sources that support your claim however they all say...
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    White people were the first on the North American continent before savages came and butchered them....
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    “In case you haven’t thought about it, there are also downfalls if all African-Americans went back to Africa.” Name one.
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    America needs to act like a NATION. All nations have 1) a single primary language. 2) rules to be a citizen, 3) color...
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    That is a hell of an idea.
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    Niggers bitch all the time about how the USA treats them and cry racism. Then go the fuck back to Africa. I approve this...
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    Dude. I. don’t. care. about. this. anymore. Okay? You have your own opinions and I have mine. All I was trying to say is...
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    What downfall? Only one I can think of Is the prison system would fall out. The mortician will have less cadavers and...
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