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I literally have dozens of these of my computer. Just a small set of examples of the various black on white crimes. It really breaks my heart to see innocent children be the victim of these attacks. Especially that last one and first one.

How can anyone with a logical mindset deny that these are violent savages who are still uncivilized, despite our kindness and best efforts.

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    I wouldn’t try to argue with Neo-Nazis, guys. You’ll make more progress educating your wall.
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    The term Nazi is German and stems from Nationalsozialist, due to the pronunciation of Latin -tion- as -tsion- in German...
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    So nationalists and socialists are automatically nazis, right? What a stupid ape.
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    Nope. Not referring to you.
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    I hope you’re not referring to me because I’m not agreeing with these morons.
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    "Nazi" does not come from "national socialist", but from an abbreviation of the name "Ignatius" which has in German...
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    Yeah dude. You’ll find barely any race crime by white people nowadays due to the fact we have been so legally and...
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    Kat is right about not calling people “savages” and “barbarians”, but way, way off about the rest. Not all nationalism...
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    I have no words
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